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Why Real Estate?

Blog Post: "Why Real Estate?" by Eric Munger

Written by Eric Munger, Founder of Realty One Triad

Occasionally I may ask myself, why in the world did I get into real estate? This thought will especially run through my head after a transaction falls apart that I’ve spent countless hours on, or after a particularly difficult call with a client or another agent.

So there it is. The question. Why oh why did I choose to spend my life and career in this prison known as real estate?

Okay, I’m kidding – it’s not a prison. It’s more like being chained to your phone than being chained to the job. Just kidding around again! (Somewhat.) Yes, the phone is never far from reach; but whose phone is far from reach anymore in our technology crazed society?

The truth is that I love what I do. As with any job you have those mornings you wake up and you’d rather roll back over and sleep for another hour than head into the office or start making calls. But frankly, 29 days out of 30 I wake up excited to get to work.


Paper house with cut-out paper family being held by child and parents.It’s the people. It’s not the paperwork. It’s not the next sale. It’s not the marketing. It’s not even the coffee waiting at the office. The people drive me and push me to do more and to do better, to succeed and to thrive.

It’s the fellow agents I work with here at Realty One – what an awesome team we have! I love the interaction with them, the conversations, the laughter, even sharing the ache and pain with them of a family member that’s hurting or of a lost loved one. I thrive on seeing the excitement that lights up their face when they close their first deal, or their 100th. I thrive in the sharing of amusing and interesting stories of the transactions, the situations and the people we help.

And it’s the clients. It’s the homeowner that I just helped avoid foreclosure with the sale of their home. It’s the homeowner that had been trying to sell for 15 years (quite literally) before I helped them sell.

As I think back over the 500+ homes I’ve sold, it’s the memorable situations, transactions, and people that come to mind. It’s helping people move forward in their lives and the satisfaction which comes from that.

What a great job to have, what a great career! More than a job, it’s practically a lifestyle. I breathe, drink and eat real estate. But in the end it’s not for the job’s sake itself, but for the people that are involved. For the people in whose life I can make a difference. For the joys and the sorrows, the highs and the lows that we all share. Our homes: the places we live and entertain and have community with one another – they’re such an integral part of the story of our lives. I’m glad to share in that with people.

The people. For me, that’s why real estate.