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When Is the Right Time to Sell?

Blog Post: "When is the right time to sell?" by Eric Munger

Written by Eric Munger, Founder of Realty One

I get this question frequently when I meet with a client who is considering selling their home. They are unsure of timing and of the “right” season to sell.

Of course it is often assumed, as you may be thinking now, that the right time is spring. That it is pointless to put your home on the market in the fall or, more particularly, in the winter.

However, I have found that conclusion to be flawed. Yes, it is true that the spring and summer seasons have the most buyer activity and the most sales. The catch, though, is that is also when more homeowners put their home up for sale – so as a seller you are up against more competition if you choose to wait until spring. In the fall and winter months, there are fewer buyers and fewer sales, but there is also less competition. More homeowners also choose during those seasons to not list for sale, or to take their home off the market, giving you even more opportunity to be that lone good option for a buyer. Due to the amount of listing competition being quite different between spring and winter, that right season to sell is somewhat relative.

Ultimately, I advise clients to list the home for sale when the timing is right for them. If you are ready to sell and the timing makes sense for you, put your home on the market. In fact, I bought my last home in December. I’ve even delivered signed contracts to sellers on Christmas Eve – people do move during the holidays! Just like your right timing to sell could be in those winter months, that right buyer for your home might have the same timetable.