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The Munger Team is a top-ranked premier team covering the entire Piedmont Triad region.

● Over 50 years combined real estate experience
● Over 650 home sales
● Over $100,000,000 in home values sold

Eric Munger is an expert at listing and marketing a home for sale. His numbers and stats put him personally in the top couple percent of agents in the Triad region as he sells homes more quickly and for a higher percentage of the listing price than the average agent. With any client he begins with an initial consultation to discuss the home and the market. In this consultation, proper preparation of the house to be put on the market will be discussed (including staging and condition of the property), and marketing exposure and proper pricing strategies will be discussed and implemented as well. Throughout the marketing process Eric will communicate progress and ensure your best interests are protected during contract negotiations.

Caroline Clemons is well rounded in all aspects of selling. She handles marketing exposure for The Munger Team and works with the team’s sellers during the market process and closing coordination. Her dedication to clients, along with an ability to handle any number of home sale situations and closing details, make her an essential part of The Munger Team.

Tara Moser is an exceptional buyers agent, representing and working with buyer clients to actively find homes which meet their criteria, coordinating and showing properties, advising and directing clients in making wise decisions when it comes to a home purchase, working to ensure they can get the best possible price and terms on the purchase of the home, and protecting them from the various pitfalls that can occur during the purchase process.
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Our licensed agents understand how to protect our clients and provide exceptional service. Whether listing your home for sale, or needing representation when buying a home, our team is able to assist you in what is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions you will make.

We look forward to hearing from you to learn how we can assist you in your next purchase or sale!

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Team Members

Eric Munger Realty One Agent

Eric Munger
Listing Agent

Eric is in the top percentage of agents in the Triad region for listing and selling homes.

336-287-2969 | Email

Carolina Clemons Realty One Agent

Caroline Clemons
Closing Coordinator

Caroline is an exceptional agent assisting clients in the closing process.

336-251-5019 | Email

Tara Moser Realty One Agent

Tara Moser
Buyer’s Agent

Tara is excellent at assisting buyers in finding their perfect home.

336-813-9659 | Email



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